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Copacabana (2010)  link to Copacabana on IMDb  

Nummer: 598

cover Copacabana

IMDb waardering:
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6,7/10 (1350 stemmen)

Land: France, 107 minuten

Gesproken Taal: Engels, Duits, Frans, Vlaams

Genre(s): Komedie

Regisseur(s): Marc Fitoussi

Acteurs: Isabelle Huppert (als Elisabeth Delmotte dite Babou), Aure Atika (als Lydie), Guillaume Gouix (als Kurt), Noémie Lvovsky (als Suzanne), Veerle Dobbelaere (als Petra)

Drager: DVD5,

Verhaal: Boldly unconventional and cheerful, that's how one could describe Babou. Never having cared about social conventions, she is suddenly faced with the realization that her own daughter is ashamed of her and therefore refuses to invite her to her wedding. Hurt in her pride, Babou tries to regain her daughter's respect by starting anew. She accepts the challenge of selling time-sharing-flats at the Belgian seaside during the off-season, in a desperate attempt to prove her real worth and her motherly love to her daughter.

Opbergplaats: BOX Al 001/058

Uitgeleend: Nee

Beeldverhouding: 1.85:1