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Alegría (1999)  link to Alegría on IMDb  

Nummer: 128

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IMDb waardering:
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6,6/10 (459 stemmen)

Altern. titel: Cirquue du soleil

Land: Canada, 94 minuten

Gesproken Taal: Engels, Frans, Russisch

Genre(s): Drama, Romantiek, Fantasie

Regisseur(s): Franco Dragone

Acteurs: Frank Langella (als Fleur), Mako (als Old Momo), Julie Cox (als Giulietta), René Bazinet (als Frac), Heathcote Williams (als Marcello)

Drager: DVD R/RW, Dolby Digital 5.1 - Engels

Verhaal: Frac, a mime who is suffering from a severe bout of depression, happens to meet a troupe of circus entertainers and immediately falls in love with one of the stars, Giulietta. But while his affection for Giulietta and admiration for the performers gives him a new lease on life, Giulietta's father, the leader of the troupe, opposes the relationship and is determined to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Frac and Giulietta discover a gang of children who are held prisoner by a criminal leader who forces them to do his bidding, and they devise a plan to win the kids their freedom.

Opbergplaats: BOX AA 013/04

Uitgeleend: Nee

Beeldverhouding: 16:9 Widescreen